Materials & Life Sciences

  • Contact: Mirza Manzoor Ahmed
    Saudi Arabia
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  • SEM, FE-SEM, TEM, FIB-SEM, HIM, Correlative Microscopy, Particle Analysis and Sample Preparation Tools
  • Atomic Force Microscopy , Stylus and Optical Profilometry
  • Lithography Process and Tools: Coating, Baking, Developing, Aligning, Wafer Bonding for Fabrication of Memory Chips, Cameras, Sensors, LED & MEMS
  • Multi-Technique Analytical Tools for growth of Thin Films by MBE or PVD Characterized by using UHV SPM, SIMS, ESCA, Auger, SEM
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for Non-Destructive Thin Film and Bulk Material Characterization
  • Particle Size Analysis, Image Analysis and Zeta Potential Measurements
  • Porous Materials and Powders Characterization Techniques: Density, Pore Size, Surface Area,Chemisorption Water Vapor Sorption
  • Nano and Micro Indentation, Tribology, Modulus Mapping, DMA, In Situ SEM and TEM Nano Mechanical Test Equipment
  • Physical and Magnetic Property Measurement Systems, VSM, SQUID
  • Thin Film Processing Tools: PECVD, PLD, ALD, MBE, MOCVD, RIE,DRIE, Sputtering
  • Probe Stations for Wafers, Circuit Boards, MEMS, Biological Structures
  • Wire Bonder and Wafer Scoring Tools
  • E-beam Lithography Equipment
  • Cleanroom Solutions for Universities, Research Labs, Biotechnology, Microelectronics and Pharmaceutical Industries




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